The baby elephant was only a few days old, when was abandoned by his herd, but now has the most caring mommy


Moyo was trying to cross a flooded river when he was only a few days old.

It was clear that he had been abandoned by his herd, but luckily the kidn people found him just in time because the herd of hyenas had surrounded him and in a minute it could have been too late.

After rescuing Moyo, they moved him to the “Wild Is Life” shelter, whose founder Roxy Dankerts, seeing the baby, couldn’t be indifferent and decided to become the orphan’s new mother.

Of course, he needed motherly love the most…  Now he is quite huge, 14 months old, and he likes to follow his mom wherever she goes.

He even recognizes her voice her smell and always knows where she is.

Roxy said that she is one of those animals with whom a very unusual connection, strong friendship and trust was created. He feels great in his new home, where his mother takes care of him like her own child.

It is true that he is growing up and trying to control him at home is becoming more and more difficult, but it is not a big problem for Roxy, because she always manages to get along with her beloved elephant.

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