The baby elephant blocks the traffic to steal bunch of sugarcane from passing vehicles


We all know that elephants are famous as sweet tooth animals. They always enjoy sweet food such as bananas and sugar cane.

So lately a man cought on camera an amazing scene where the gigantic elephant is stealing sugar cane from incoming cars. And with that is stopping the traffic.

The elephant is Auan-tia a very youthful one that has spent the most of his life in a sanctuary that is in that area. In that sitution cars had no option but to slow down and allow the youthful elephant to continue what he was doing.

What else can you do whenthe giant animal is searching for his favourite food? Only stand and look in a full astonishment.

The giant tried to steal from 12 vehicles in a two hours span. As he was a very huge elephant nobody dared to go and push him back to the bushes so all they did was to wait till he went there on his own will.

After some time there were long lines gathered. He rummaged in each vehicle for some minutes and had been traveling from a nearby farm.

After searching in one car and taking out some food he would take what he needs and pass onto the other one.

The wildlife authorities offered to be very careful with them.

Although the people of that place are used to seeing elephants on the reads. But this case was a little other as the elephant did not want to go away. But as they are very friendly and lovable animals nobody was harmed that day.

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