The adorable Chihuahua wowed everyone with her dance to Tchaikovsky’s music


Each of our beloved pets is unique in its skills and sweet nature.

It turns out that there are many competitions around the world created to find the best pet skills of the year.

They are held every year and receive great feedback. A little dog named Joya, along with her trainer Clara Bauman, came to participate in one of these competitions, performing a beautiful ballet dance to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake”.

When the dog started spinning, she immediately melted many many hearts. She danced so gracefully that it was impossible not to admire her talent.

When the video of the sweet dog hit the internet, it instantly went viral, quickly reaching internet celebrity status.

Despite the fact that the couple did not receive any special award that day, they received so many warm reactions that they returned home with great honor and pride.

That was also on of their goals, after which they managed to gain many new fans. This also became a great source of inspiration for them to perform with an even more impressive number next year.

Maybe that tie they will decide to dance to one of Tchaikovsky’s another fantastic music.

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