The abandoned pit bull, who was found tied to a tree, gave birth to 13 puppies after a few days


Unfortunately, the moment comes when we have to say goodbye to our pets, but not everyone is able to part with them in a normal way.

Months ago, Cynthia found a pitbull tied to a tree. Dogs of this breed are the most popular in the USA and their owners often bring them to the shelter in their old age.

Many people have a bad opinion about these dogs and call them fighting dogs.

When they meet them on the street, most of the time people are afraid, because they are considered to have a bad reputation as very aggressive dogs.

The dog that the girl saw had probably been sitting there for a long time.

She was completely exhausted and looked very unhappy, but there was not even a drop of aggression.

In addition, she could hardly move, because as it turned out, she was also pregnant. Cynthia quickly contacted a nearby shelter who agreed to take her in.

When they got there, they provided the dog with everything necessary to make her feel calm and safe. Three days passed and the dog gave birth.

It was just incredible. 13 adorable puppies instead of one! There they decided to call them “Lucky 13”.

They were only afraid that because the dog was stressed, she might not want to accept the puppies, but luckily that wasn’t the case with Blue.

The dog is an incredibly caring mother and despite being tired and stressed, mother Blue fed them regularly and surrounded each of the 13 pups with a lot of love and care.

After some time, the volunteers started looking for a home for the big family and all the pups are already in safe homes.

Their mommy also quickly found a wonderful family.

Blue already feels great and thanks to the warmth and care of her new family, the sweet dog has already forgotten about what had happened to him…

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