The 83-year-old grandpa started crying when he saw that his cat managed to escape from the burning house


The entire house of an 83-year-old man turned into ruins…

Among all this, however, the most painful and tragic thing for him would be the loss of his beloved pet, which was left under the rubble, but fortunately his cat managed to crawl out.

That day, he was alone at home with his cat, while the others had already left for work. .

The man felt that he was getting cold, so he got up to pour gasoline into the stovr, which unfortunately had irreversible consequences.

The fire immediately spread to the walls, and within seconds the house was literally on fire.

Miraculously, he was able to quickly run away from the house without even thinking about his property or documents.

It seemed to him that it was already too late and that he had lost everything he had and with it all the most precious thing for him, his cat.

However, miraculously, his beloved kitten managed to escape from the burning house and get out from under the rubble.

Seeing the cat, the man held it to his chest and started crying…

Unfortunately the house was completely destroyed and turned into a pile of fire, but at least the man got lucky with his cat and he couldn’t be more thankful for that.

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