That’s amazing. See how big Rottweiler saves two little dogs during a flood


The Rottweiler is one of the 10 smartest dog breeds in the world. If you are looking for a dog to protect your home, the best breed is the Rottweiler.

They have been very popular as security guards since ancient times. And they are always defending their loved ones. So today we are going to tell you one more story like this.

Floods are a major natural problem that not only humans but also animals face.

Animals lose their lives every year due to floods. Sometimes these animals are helped by volunteer groups. But some animals do not get help from anyone.

One day a severe storm struck the town of Barretos in the northern Brazilian state of So Paulo. The storm caused a flood. Many houses were flooded, and in one house a few dogs got into big trouble.

The house also went underwater. Only a Rottweiler and three other small dogs were inside. The owners of the house were not at that house at that moment. Also, no one came to help the four dogs.

Because no one has seen them. A little later, a volunteer was passing by the house and saw something strange. Here’s how a big Rottweiler tries to protect three little dogs from flooding.

He took the three dogs to a smaller water area. But, unfortunately, a small dog was driven away by the flood.

Rottweiler did his best to protect the cubs like a father.

That’s amazing. About a week later, the dogs were reunited with their owners. The family also thanked Rottweiler for saving the lives of the little dogs.

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