Teen girl can’t afford perfect dress and her prom date learns to create it for her


Although Addi Rust found the ideal outfit for her prom, it cost too much for her budget. The Indiana teenager had no idea what she was going to wear because the big day was only a few months away.

Parker Smith, Addi’s dance partner, laughed about her clothing while he was unsure of what to do. But here is the problem:

Even though he didn’t know how to embroider a single stitch, Parker, a high school student, would try to make Addi a dress!

With a little help from his grandmother, Parker learned to sew for months.

He worked tirelessly on the gown, building it and redoing it until it was just right. He was still finishing up the details the night before the dance.

Addi had an idea of how the dress would look all through the process. However, when Parker revealed it in all of its Disney princess splendor, she was overcome with emotion.

She lost all words at the finished product. This didn’t just affect her.

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