Tattooed bikers from Rescue-Ink fight for animal rights and already managed to save thousands of lives


Have you ever heard about Rescue-Ink? It’s a nonprofit organization who fights for animal rights.

As for these muscular, tattooed men, they look like they’re ready to start a fight when you look at them, except these guys are fighting bad pet owners.

We may all have a different idea of ​​superheroes, but these men are no different.

There are bodybuilders, powerlifting champions, all the way up to military personnel, detectives, and so on.

As is typical of most of the superheroes we imagine, they take any issue of animal abuse quite seriously and part of their job is to dismantle dog fighting establishments, abuse and stolen animals.

This organization, of course, does its job completely legally to ensure the safety of animals in every possible way.

Their name alone is enough to instill fear in that cruel monsters who treat animals mercilessly without a twinge of conscience.

Rescue Ink has managed to save lots of animals: horses, fish, chickens, dukcs,pigs and more.

They are ready to protect every helpless creature that needs their help.

In this video posted below, you will see how the riders work until all the animals in the region are saved.

These wonderful people truly deserve our admiration.

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