Sweet girl wanted to take the pup who was “Shaking & Hiding” at the back of the shelter


This dog when brought to the shelter was shivering 24 hours a day. her skin was emanating a putrid odor which was because of mange.

Here feet and her eyes were also infected and she had lots of health problems. In that situation all she could was to be euthanized. But the story does not stop here.

Shelter were the dog lived never gave her a name and all the poor one did was to sit in a corner of her cage. One day a majestic woman came to adopt a dog for her 2 years old baby girl Gigi.

The poor Pit Bull was sure that she was undetectable to the rest of humanity but unexpectidely the baby pointed on her.

The mother showed her some other pups to adopt but the girl was showing only to the youngster and even returnet to her for three times. So the workers eventually took her out of the cage cleaned and let them play in the yard.

After playing for hours they became like family and the canine always came and sticked by the side of the baby girl. And Gigi reminded Audra that the sick dog needed help.

Audra sobbed for her mother to take the little pup and the doggie was shaking every time when separated from the little girl.

She was named Scarlett and they took her the first time after ariving at the shelter.

After week being at her place Scarlett’s health improved and she was all the time by the girl’s side. She never left her out of her sight.

With time Scarlett blossomed and became better and better. All of it was the result of the baby’s love and devotion.

Hope you enjoyed the story and your heart warmened a little bit.

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