Sweet baby decided to join his father to perform the U.S. National Anthem which turned out to be such a great duet


Hearing his father say “The Star SpangledBanner,” his son decided to join him.

Every time the US national anthem ended, his father would break out into a smile, showing all his patriotism in his heart.

This time, when the father began to sing, the son quickly joined him showing how excited he is with every part of his little body. What a powerful and excellent team.

Then his hands rise up, starting a beautiful and very martial dance. His child looks like a real professional singer. When you look at his face, you feel all the passion at once, as it happens with any great vocalist.

It is a great pleasure and pride to listen to this duet of the national anthem.

It is really very cute and will definitely impress everyone. Children simply adore being in the center of attention.

This song is by no means a traditional lullaby, but hus son liked it so much that he decided to sing it.

His father should definitely sing this song often, which inspired his son too.

This little baby definitely has a lot of talent and a lot of love for music. Watch this amazing video that will leave you in awe.

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