Street puppy wanders onto naval base and there finds the hero he wanted


Griffon is one of those dogs who seems to have it all. The stray infant, who was six months old, had been on the streets for so long that he had almost given up on finding a family.

Then, as he wandered, he found himself in the arms of a man who saved him in the most unlikely of locations—a foreign naval base.

“A U.S. Naval Commander saw the small dog and knew right away that in such a dangerous environment, he wouldn’t last long on his own;

“He knew it had to apply to this little soul too,” Paws of War, a nonprofit that provides service dogs to veterans and first responders, wrote on Facebook.

“He was reminded of his unit’s motto, “Those who arrive alive, leave alive,” and he was scooping the pup up into his arms.

Everyone on the base wanted to meet Griffon as soon as they heard about him. The post went on to say, “As the Commander stepped up to care for Griffon, he formed a strong bond with the pup who follows him everywhere.”

The family of Little Griffon grew. The little guy is a brilliant spot in the times of every individual who meets him.”

The unnamed hero commander has decided to adopt Griffon and bring him home when he returns to the United States.

Gary Baumann, a spokesperson for Paws of War, stated that the commander and Griffon will be back together in the near future, despite the fact that very few specifics are available.

Baumann stated to The Dodo, “Griffon is a super pup.” He enjoys eating and is in love with every dog he meets. He is doing very well.

Baumann stated, “We hope to have a reunion soon.” To welcome Griffon home, the Maryland-born commander has a wife and children.

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