Someone chained the legs of a wild horse, he expresses his joy when he is finally released


The rural population based on agriculture in Romania still prefers to use horses and donkeys for transport, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

Horses are considered cheaper than cars, which means that wild horses are constantly chained by landowners to be used for their own needs.

The video below shows “Four Paws” veterinarian Ovidiu Rosso.

He studies the condition of horses with these chains. Horses look depressed as strong chains create deep cuts in their legs.

A strange “hop” was formed on the abused horses, which was aggravated by being chained.

Ovid is disturbed by the plight of the horses and decides to free them. He calms the animals and then continues to gently remove the chains and release the injured hooves.

The moment the horses are released, they seem so depressed.

The sweet horses know that Ovid has come in as their only true saviour. One of the horses expressed his gratitude most sweetly.

The horse whispers to its hero, happily thanking him for his timely help.

What an adorable horse!

Click on the video below to see how the poor horse is released after Ovid’s hard work.

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