Since their 2 cats have food obsession, the family decided to have a little fun on them…


Frankie and Theo started running towards each other when they saw that their food bowls were already filled with their favorite food.

Mom said the two cats were doing this from the very beginning because of their food obsession.

They would run so fast as if they were participating in a competition. Even when they were sleeping, hearing that sound, they would wake up and run at maximum speed.

Frankie was always the first to reach the bowl. He would always push his opponent to get there sooner.

The owners even tried to put the cats’ food in separate rooms, but the cats scratched the door and the whole house turned to a mess.

They are real food freaks who always want to eat and will do anything for their food.

One day they decided to have fun with the cats and this is what they did.

They put plastic cups in the hallway, blocking the cats’ path.

At first there were only one row of cups, and then they added the number of that. But even that didn’t stop the cats from getting to their food.

While Frankie was a pro at jumping and overcoming obstacles, Theo always had some trouble trying to get around the cups.

In spite of all this their family just adores these two, who brought great joy to their family.

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