‘Shorkie’ Puppy Has Crazy Reaction to Meeting Newborn Baby Sister — and It’s Mutual!


There are few things as touching and charming as a baby and a dog that fit in perfectly with each other.

While this may sound dangerous in theory, the reality is that dogs can be perfect companions for even the youngest children, as they can only be cautious and loving with a pure instinct.

You may have seen videos like this before, but do you notice how natural the interaction is between the two?

In the following video, we see Sophie, the little girl, who meets her new Shorki puppy for the first time. It is quite an interesting situation.

We have two children together, we discover each other for the first time and decide to make friends.

Now you may be thinking, “What is Sorkin?” Sharky is a mixture of Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu. This adorable breed is usually known by the following names: A mix of Shorky, Yorkie, Yoshi, Shorki Zi, or just a mix of Shi Zi York.

You will not be surprised to learn that many of the “famous” dogs on the Internet are breeds of shorts (sometimes of small Chihuahua origin).

It is wonderful to see the interaction of these two, to hit it immediately after meeting each other.

None of them can control their excitement. The reactions of both of them came as a big surprise to their parents, who probably did not expect such a lovely meeting.

The kitten himself seems to be very excited to meet his new friend, whose adorable little dog does not rub everything wrong. Wait until the middle of the video, when the real magic happens.

They are the most beautiful little couple you will see all week, I can guarantee.

We need to thank the parents for sharing this wonderful video with us to create such a wonderful memory.

Whatever you feel now, you will feel ten times better after watching their beautiful video.

This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, isn’t it? Leave a quick comment if you liked it after watching it, share it if you liked it.


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