Shar-Pei and Newborn Foal Horsing Around in Pasture Form Fast Friendship


Chino the Shar-Pei was fairly used to his life in the English countryside.

But that all changed when a newborn foal came along and left the 1-year-old dog unsure of how to react.

Duke, the foal, was only one week old when he and Chino first crossed paths in a beautiful pasture full of white and yellow flowers. When he first sees Duke, Chino skitters out of his path.

But as Duke approaches, Chino immediately sits down to observe. He looks up at the black and white foal’s face as if sizing him up.

Duke bends his head down, then takes a few cautious steps forward. He then backs away and circles back. Chino, meanwhile, is still as a statue.

But when Duke approaches again, Chino leaps up and gives chase.

The two immediately begin frolicking about, playing like old friends.

When Duke finally runs back to his mother, Chino apparently isn’t done playing. He follows his new friend and takes a seat right behind him in the pasture, ready for the next game of tag.

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