Senior man waits patiently by the water every day for his best buddy to crawl out and greet him


From the end of time, the human race lived in very close contact with wildlife.

Something that has been preserved until today. Or many of us can not even imagine how he lived away from the busy city life we were all accustomed to, there are still so many people living their lives peacefully off the net, deep in the desert.

An example is Seppo Laamanen, a 65-year-old man who lives alone in his cozy home in the woods of Finland. Seppo has never felt lonely, for he has always found wonderful friends among the animals that live near his door.

But first there is the otter, with whom he has the greatest connection. Not a day goes by that his four-legged friend does not visit Seppo. A visit that the old man can not wait for, every morning.

It all started a few winters ago. Seppo was still surprised when he found a small animal on his balcony asking for food. It was very cold outside, the lake was almost completely frozen, the little otter was almost impossible to find anything to catch.

A kind-hearted man, Seppo offered some unusual fish to his unusual visitor, who, by the way, gladly took it.

That was the beginning of a beautiful friendship. One that became popular on the Internet after someone decided to spread the word about these two companions.

Now the friendly otter feels like Seppo’s house, the older man is more than happy to be there.

Now that winter is upon us, Seppo makes sure his pantry has extra food only if his ottoman friend decides to bring some of his furry friends.

Learn more about this lovely story in the video below.

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