Senior dog and friendly dolphin love spending time together


Although it may seem strange, we have heard many stories of close encounters between pets and dolphins.

The male’s friend must have been very fond of these charming marine mammals, as many of the communications between the two have aired over the past few years.

Although most of these wonderful relationships are quite short, this elderly cub, like his bottled dolphin friend, has been sharing a very special friendship for over seven years.

They all play Zizzi, Spaniel Cocker, and his friend Jojo, the dolphin.

Both were first met in 2013. At that time, 9-year-old Spaniel was boarding a boat near Turks, as he was near the Caicos Islands when he discovered a lovely dolphin accompanying them.

It turned out to be love, as they spent several hours swimming and playing together. But the most unusual thing is that they are best friends, given that.

“They first met when we were safe around the boat, like breathing,” said Mark de Frein, owner of Zyzz.

“Jojo got up while Ziz was with us. Zizz quickly got up and went to the boat to check on Jojo. Jojo understood that he was playing with other domestic dogs, so he was excited to see Ziz jumping as he did.

“They just started circling each other, playing a kind of persecution video.”

Check out these 2 charming friends here.

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