Risking her own life the vet stayed in Ukraine and till now managed to save 200 abandoned animals


Thousands of people were forced to leave their homes because of the war, however, many brave Ukrainians decided to stay in their country and take care of homeless and abandoned animals.

Pavlina Harasim was one of those heroines, a veterinarian by profession.

Dr. Pavlina, together with a group of volunteers, visits quite dangerous slaughterhouses on foot to save the pets who had been left there all alone without food or water.

They take the animals to the shelter, where they receive appropriate food and treatment. After finishing all that, the animals are safely transported to Poland.

So far, do their efforts have been saved 200 pets. All of them involved in this case do their best to save as many lives as they can.

You are just a wonderful woman. May God bless you and all those good people who are ready to help these innocent creatures even at the cost of risking their lives.

God, please help and protect all these people who are helping these innocent creatures to be saved.

I dream about the day when we wake up one day and find out that all wars have been disappeared from our world forever.

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