Queen Elizabeth is continously hosting a joint 40th birthday party for her grandson Prince William and Kate Middleton


As we know grandparets usually, on their grandchild’s birthday sends twenty bucks in an envelope that eventually got to be lost in the email.

On that same event Queen Elizabeth is organizing a huge party in one of her palaces for her grandson. She is organizing a great event in 1 of her houces.

She has given permission to have the fortyth joint birthday for William and Kate, either at her house or the Sandringham Estate.

As the queen considers that that the Cambridge should “celebrate their ladmark birthdays in style. ” They may attend this evening, though none of the them has confirmed this information.

And as Kensington Palace mentioned in a saying they do not leave comments on private plans. We do not even know when the party will exactly be other than “later this summer”.

The only question that bothers everybody, is; will Harry and Meghan come? However coming all the way to England can be a lot, however this is a milestone year for William and Kate, so maybe, they will come.

Technically Kate turned fourty in January, but they were not able to have the celebration for the birthday as the cases of Covid were really high.

However she does not want anything extra big, that’s not her style . But given the current climate everything is about to be scaled down.

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