Poor dog was so surprised that somebody wanted to touch him. The savior couldn’t keep tears away


Oliver’s expression was one of defeat. He had lost nearly all of his hair, and his skin was a brilliant red. He had sores and scratches all over his body because he was so desperate for relief.

He was now trapped in a cage, shaking from fear and not knowing where he was. He was found wandering the Chicago streets by a good Samaritan, who brought him to Chicago Animal Care and Control for assistance.

The one-year-old dog’s age was unknown, but it was clear that no one had taken care of him in a very long time.

The shelter volunteer and foster Stephanie Lee told The Dodo, “He had the worst case of mange I have ever seen.” I literally burst into tears as I passed his cage.

He was shaking and licking his paws. Because his body was so raw and infected, several places on it were bleeding.

Lee then got in touch with Knox County Humane Society shelter worker Tanner Smith to get Oliver out of the high-intake city shelter and into a loving foster home.

Smith stated to The Dodo, “When I first saw him, I just fell in love instantly.” He appeared awful. I knew we had to assist him.

Even though Oliver was going through a lot of pain, it was clear right from the start that all he wanted was to be loved.

He started rolling all over the shelter volunteers who were seated next to him and his tail wouldn’t stop wagging.

While Oliver’s past is indistinct, Lee and Smith accept he most certainly had a place with somebody prior to winding up in the city.

Lee stated, “He was not malnourished when he was found.” He didn’t go to the vet when his skin started to get worse, so it seems like he was someone’s dog. When he didn’t improve, they just dumped him.

Oliver was found to have Demodex mange and other secondary skin infections after a thorough vet check. On April 4, Lee and Johnny, her husband, brought Oliver into their home and gave him his very own room.

Lee stated, “He would just be tossing and turning all night because he was so uncomfortable.” For a while, he didn’t really sleep well.”

Lee massaged lotions and coconut oil into Oliver’s skin after each gentle bath with a medicated shampoo to alleviate the irritation.

Lee stated, “The majority of dogs would try to escape the bath or get really stressed out.” However, as if he were aware that I was attempting to assist him, he would simply sit there in peace.

It was pretty incredible. Oliver finally made a breakthrough after taking medication, baths, and ointments every day for about four weeks. He was no longer in pain and his horribly irritated skin was beginning to clear up.

Actually, he was smiling. Lee stated, “He stopped trying to rub his body everywhere to get relief.” He just talked. He desired love.

He had the desire to play. He desired to take walks. It was wonderful to observe him as a normal, content dog. Oliver kept getting better over the course of the days.

He started going on runs with Lee because he was so preoccupied with toys. He started getting excited about meeting new people and dogs.

Lee stated, “He’s just a big puppy who wants to play.” However, he can be extremely cuddly and loving. Oliver is finally free of mange and in good health after spending six weeks with his foster parents.

Lee and Smith are eagerly anticipating his search for the ideal family to spend his days with.

They can’t wait for Oliver to finally find the loving home he deserves after witnessing his strong determination to recover.

Smith stated, “It’s like he’s experiencing love for the first time.” And he simply adores everyone in return.”

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