Poor dog is devastated after his adoption fails, so he stares at wall all day long


The shelter’s stuff was more that sure that this strong and wonderful pup would find his loving forever family very soon. However after some time the shelter became the most traumatizing place for March.

The poor og was not used to living in such places with other animals where he has to wait for the family to come and adopt him.

But the biggest and the hardest blow for him was from the family that rejected adopting him only because he was noyt as playful as they exoected him to be.

March was morally destroyed after being returned to the shelter so after that incident he rejected looking into anyones face or interacting with somedy. All he was doing was staing and miserably staring at the wall.

Dawn Timmeney after learning about his story decided to share the story on social media. Day after day more and more people became interested in him. And this occasion changed this fascinating boy’s life forever.

After 2 or 3 days of Dawn’s social media activity a savior team arrived to save the dog, fortunately before his kill list turn was close. That was a unique moment for March as he was finally freed.

Fortunately these rescue team is a no-kill organization that will look after March untill he finds his forever family.

Although this dog’s story ended on optimistic note there are still handreds of pups that get put down because of not being adopted on time.

Let’s raise our voices and do our best to save this animals!

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