”Please let us come in, mommy, it’s very cold outside”. The woman couldn’t remain indifferent and here’s what happened after took them home


Please, let’ us come in, we’re cold, it’s very cold… I couldn’t remain indifferent when I heard these words and quickly went out to see what happened.

It was very cold and windy outside that day. I barely even got home from the bus stop and saw that a surprise was waiting for me at the entrance.

There were two children banging hard on the closed door. And this was not the first time, but this time, I don’t know why I decided to pay attention to them.

It was so cold that the children turned blue from the cold. The girl took off the jacket and gave it to her brother, who was about three years old. I asked them, maybe their mom was asleep and didn’t hear.

They answered that a man came home and their mother sent them for a walk. They walked for a long time and came home, but their mother did not open the door. So I decided to take the children to my house and gave food until I would decide what to do next.

At that time, I remembered that once one of the neighbors decided to take those children home, but instead of thanking them, their mother started shouting, threatening to call the police next time if something like this happens again.

At that time, when I went to that house again, and a drunk woman opened the door,. I told her that her children were at my house, but they already wanted to go home.

However, the mother started cursing and shouting loudly. I didn’t even know what to say so I came home and put the children to sleep.

I went there again in the morning because I had to go to work and could not stay with the children. But no one opened the door, so I called the police.

When they came there, they broke the door and what we saw there was just terrible.The woman was lying on the floor breathing very heavily. She was immediately taken to the clinic.

The chances of survival were very slim. They allowed me to temporarily keep the children with me.

But unfortunately the next morning the police came to me and informed me that the woman died.

So the children had to be taken to an orphanage. Witnessing all that, I could not remain indifferent and decided to adopt them. I can say that it was the best decision of my life. I have two wonderful children now…

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