People Fleeing Ukraine Cling To Their Beloved Pets Amid War


Hundreds of thousands of people are fleeing Ukraine after Russian troops invaded. No one should have to experience a heartbreaking situation like this, but even in the toughest of times, the victims refuse to leave any loved ones behind. That includes their beloved pets.

Many photos have appeared on social media showing Ukrainians holding their pets close as they evacuate. This includes dogs, cats, and even fish! Luckily, many people are supporting the Ukrainians’ dedication to their furry friends. Countries are helping them get pets to safety while people are donating to keep animals safe. Even in the most difficult times, no family members get left behind.

Helping Humans and Animals to Safety
Clean Futures Fund is a Missouri-based organization that provides international support after industrial accidents and long-term remedial activities. They were forced to suspend operations at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant amid the Russian invasion. So, they’re unable to support power plant workers.

This organization also had a Dogs of Chernobyl program to provide food, veterinary care, and spay/neuter procedures to stray dogs and cats. Their efforts have helped reduce the area’s wild dog population by 50%. But right now, there’s nothing they can do to protect the canines in Ukraine.

Even without the help of major organizations, pet parents in Ukraine are doing everything they can to support each other. Many people are taking their pets with them as they evacuate. Photos have been posted of people holding dogs, cats, pet carriers, and fish tanks during the war.

Luckily, other countries are doing everything they can to help people take pets with them. Poland, Romania, and Slovakia are letting Ukrainians bring pets across borders without requiring veterinary paperwork. These loosened travel restrictions have likely saved the lives of many pets so far.

How Can You Support Ukraine Pets?
While many pets are safely evacuating the country with their humans, not all pets and humans are safe yet. Many animals left behind in Ukraine are in desperate need of food and medical attention. Some volunteers and shelter employees have chosen to stay behind to care for animals in need, despite the risks involved.

Several organizations are offering support to animals in Ukraine, but they need the public’s help to function. Here are a few places you can donate to if you want to save some animals amid this horrific war:

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