Parrot’s Devotion To His Stuffed Toy Is So Cute, You’ll Want to Give Him the Hug He’s Asking For


Parrots can get very accustomed to they are brilliant imitators.

Parents of parrots can teach their birds different words sentences, and pets can repeat the phrases in the most fun moments.

This proud parrot parent managed to record his bird, Bowie, as he restrained his belongings to impress his favorite stuffed toy.

Parrot even though there is a parrot nearby, Bowie gets out of his cage, leaving the other bird, he moves on the windowsill until he comes across a soft toy.

Bowie seems to adore his little green friend, hugging him and saying again and again: His devotion to his stuffed toy is so cute, you just want to hug him for what he asks.

After confessing his love for his toy, Bowie starts playing games with it. He lowers his little head, then comes out on his full height, saying: “Peekaboo!”:

I’m not sure how his master, who was recording his pranks, could not laugh, it certainly brought a smile to my face.

If you like Bowie’s weird sense of humor fun games, share his video with all your animal friends.

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