Owner Dumps 14-Year-Old Sickly Pomeranian On Death’s Doorstep At Shelter


Jojo arrives at a Hillsborough Animal Shelter in Florida with a sad prognosis. At the age of 14, the little Pomeranian woman looked like a bear, but a lot has happened in her life, writes ilovemydogsomuch.

He had blisters, lice, severe pneumonia, no fur, he had seizures. In addition, he was paralyzed in the back legs, had a heart murmur and toothache.

“In the past, such a dog would have been euthanized,” said Scott Trebatowski, director of the county Animal Resource Center. “I think five to seven years ago, a 14-year-old dog dragged his legs back and they just said we could do nothing. Nobody wants that. ”

The county shelter was not equipped to deal with dogs with special needs, so they sent a letter to the 125 Animal Rescue Network to share a “Jojo story” photo.

Lisa Letson decided to try to help sweet Jojo with True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission. As it turned out, the dog showed the will to survive, to fight well.

After all, little Jojo would be fine, despite all his health problems, but he needed a home forever. Thanks to professional actor and dancer Mate Garcia, little Pooh was about to win gold.

Mate had a rude dog named Ziggy, which was found in a box by the side of the road. Ziggy is dead, but Mate loves to adopt older dogs.

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