One day, when the woman returned home from work, there was a surprise waiting for her


One day, when Margarita came home, suddenly noticed a big hole there. When she got up there, at that moment a rabbit jumped out.

Apparently, coming there, the rabbit decided to dig a hole and settle next to her house.

So she began to feed the animal, which the rabbit took quite calmly.

He felt very well and all of that was enough for him to live happily.

One day, when it was quite cold, the woman noticed a dog near the rabbit’s hole.

At first she was afraid for the rabbit, thinking that the dog would hurt him, but she became very surprised when she looked into the hole.

She saw that there were little puppies there. On that day, she started feeding not only the rabbit, but also the pups.

One day, however, the mother dog did not come, and then it turned out that the dog was shot.

From that day, the rabbit began to take care of the pups.

He did not let them out of the hole, took care of them, licked them and did all the things that will do their mom.

Therefore, the woman saved the rabbit’s life, and the animal, in turn, saved the little pups…

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