Once the kittie with cartoon-esque eyes wants to adopt indoor life and turns into quite the character


This black and white kittie was found in a cat colony near one factory. A savior team started exploring the kitten and spoted some quirks related to her.

Only some of her tears were remaining and due to that her tongue was hanging out. Was not able to close her eyes and used a 3rd eyelid to blink.

After the investigation the saving team determined to take her as she would be more suitable for indoor life. They named the cat Mau Mau. She had embodied the cushy lifestyle with the companionship of her people.

During a year her confidence rose and her character grew larger and larger. She was so beautiful that people were not able to distinguish wheather she was real or from a cartoon.

When the time of adoption came the rescue team wanted to find the perfect home for Mau Mau.

Amelie, the woman that has had cats througout all her life and worked in vet’s office, was amazed with the kittie and wanted a meet-and-greet. When they first met Amelie fell in love with her from the very first sight.

She was not even ready wait anymore and wanted to adopt her. She emerged from her hiding place beneath Amelia’s bed, scoped out every nook and corner of the house.

Mau Mau, the toothless cat, frequently sticks her tongue out. She is curious about her enviroment and tries to catch anything moving, involving her own fluffy tail.

One of her daily missions is to wrest control of her pesky bushy brush (or anything that resembles it) and calm it with all her power.

Amelie said that even sometimes Mau Mau does not have the best coordination and very often bumps into some things.

But she is always best at anything she does and also even being so small she is very stubborn and can very easily ignore her owner.

Mau Mau is a very curious kittie and she wants to know everything. She follows her owner in every corner of their house and starts gazing at her with the look of adoration.

Mau Mau also loves playing very much she adores beating her toys. We cannot say that Mau Mau is a over cuddly cat but she loves being around her mommy and always helps her to have the beat starts of the day.

Also she enjoys the chest scratches. The most favourite thing for her is eating and the close second is sitting in sunny spots.

Whit her little bizzarness and amazing personality Mau Mau has brought so much joy and new light to her moms life. They both enjoy each other’s company very much and are very happy to have one another.

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