Obviously, the wonderful albino turtles look like fiery dragons


Majestic animals are all over us in the immense world of ours. In their list we can surely include albino animals that differ from all kind very much.

There are several of them like albino hedgehogs, looking like from other planet, or zebras and lions that seem to be one of the most fashionable animals of this world.

And finally you meet albino turtles that are so freaking pretty that it’s hard to believe that they exist. When you say albino the first color that comes to your mind i’m sure is white.

However that color cannot be reffered to albino turtles that ca sometimes be even red which makes them look like little dragons. If we look into our planet’s nature we will see more of this kind of cool animals.

We want to especially introduce you to one albino turtle that is Hope. It being an albino is not the only unique thing about it, the more wonderous thing is that it’s hearts beats outside of her body.

Her owner continues taking good care of her and loving her endlessly. He told that when he first saw this animal he was taken aback and could not believe his eyes.

Albno turtles can have various colorings, for example they can appear to be solid yeallow, without many patterings.

But the pink ones are known to have pink on them when they are not albino so that color satys in the albino variant as well.

And also Aqua Mike mentioned that although they are wonderful pets but the worst thing about them is that they don’t like being handled. They would be the happiest ever if you leave them alone.

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