Noticing the sad and scared dog, they just couldn’t pass by him indifferently and came to help…


Kind people, noticing the frightened dog left in the neighborhood park, decided to approach it.

It was quite cold outside and the dog was completely alone there. She even refused to let them touch her.

Worried about the dog, they decided to contact Sperenza Animal Rescue, one of the famous animal rescue organizations and ask fo help.

But the dog, being afraid of people, quickly ran away to the forest.

They decided to quickly spread the news about her on their Facebook pages so they could find the scared puppy.

After two days of searching, people began to worry, but the next morning they received a call about Carla, the missing dog, saying that she had been found sleeping under their balcony.

After hearing abou it they were already on their way. With a lot of difficulty, but they finally managed to catch the dog.

After taking her to the clinic, it turned out that Carla was 10 years old, a thin and sad dog who did not have a microchip.

Carla had been out for a long time, so she was very tired and needed time to recover. She couldn’t even keep her eyes open …

A few days later, Carla went to her new foster home to rest and heal in a safer and warmer environment.

Once she is fully recovered and ready for adoption, they will begin the search for her forever home.

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