Noticing the pregnant cat a kind volunteer immediately took her to the shelter so that she could give birth in safe place


The gray cat was roaming the streets when the rescuer named Sophie noticed it and came to help.

After a few seconds she noticed the round belly of the cat, and began to suspect that the cat was pregnant.

After being moved to the shelter the cat quickly settled into her new cozy room.

After a few days three new kittens were born.

Happily the mother cat will not have to spend even a day outside and can take care of them in safe conditions.

At first, she was still confused and didn’t know what to do, so the kind volunteer rushed to help her.

They came to their foster home the next day and after a few days the kitten turned into a devoted mother, able to meet all the needs of her babies.

The kittens were growing hour by hour in leaps and bounds, so the mother cat could already breathe easy.

Their personalities just shined through.

It didn’t take long for them to start exploring everything around them.

The trio feel great enjoying every moment of their life and soon they will move to their new eternal homes.

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