Motherly love is the most powerful thing in the universe


Every parent is ready to do everything they can to protect their children. This cat is the prime example that love transcends everything and is the most powerful thing in the universe.


Skippy the cat is a stray cat who was found wandering in the neighbourhood in panic after dipping his head in a can of peanut butter.

Fortunately for Scipio, Cara Matthewson from the District Pet Services responded to a call from a woman who saw a catfighting. Matthewson arrived at the scene to help the cat, but Skippy was still in a critical condition and needed help.

The cat was covered in larvae, Matthewson was not sure he would survive. The veterinarian found out that Skippy is pregnant. He said the cat knew he was dying, so he went to the district to ask for help.

If Matthews had not taken out the can of peanut butter, he would have died, and the children with him. The cat knew he had not much time left, so he used the last atom of energy to help his children.

The four children were born healthy, but Skippy died. The little ones are in great shape, their mother will always be remembered for her heroic deed.

Now, look at the beautiful cubs.


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