Mother cow who has lost all of her calves moves her newborn calf every day, hiding it from farmers in another place


Both humans and animals exhibit maternal love. They must safeguard their children at all costs. This cow was saved by a sanctuary for animals after a difficult life.

She was relocated to the reserve in order to lead a happy life. The cow’s agony from her previous life persisted even though she was allowed to relax and enjoy her final years in peace.

This became crystal clear when the staff at the reserve found out that the cow was pregnant once more. The cow found it both surprising and exhilarating at the same time.

Before giving birth, she tried to protect herself by withdrawing more and more. The group concluded that the cow was attempting to conceal something.

The cow nervously surveyed the landscape. After that, people decided to check out what was there.

Before they came across a calf, they ventured quite a ways into the grass!

After giving birth, the cow was hiding her newborn calf from observers in the thick grass.

It would appear that the cow had learned her lesson from the past and desired to ensure that no one would ever steal her child again.

To prevent the cow from taking the calf, the team did everything in its power. Even though the calf is now an adult, she maintains a close relationship with her mother.

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