Mother cat brought her two kittens to a balcony and immediately disappeared


The cat was ready to do anything for her kittens, so she brought them to one balcony to ask for help.

The family that lived there was surprised when they found them.

They were so small, so they decided to wait for their mother to return.

Two days passed from that day, but there was no sign of the mother cat, so they decided not to wait any longer.

They decided to take the babies to an experienced foster family so that they could get the care they needed.

Patricia, their foster mom, took excellent care of them, bottle feeding them around the clock and making sure they were comfortable.

Patricia’s husband also helped to take care of them and thanks to their excellent care, they quickly started to grow up and turned into active and healthy babies day by day.

Kittens love to cuddle the most and play various games together.

From former scaredy cats, they have turned into little rioters who are just enjoying their lives doing everything they love.

How good it is that there are so many caring people in the world who are ready to do anything to help those who need it.

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