Mother cat and the 3 kittens had to stay in a box, until the rescuers finally found them…


The thing is that the family stayed outside for a long time, in a box…

Recently Alley rescue center received a call about an abandoned mother cat who was left outside with her kittens.

They were found in a box, and after opening it, they immediately jumped out of it.

The volunteers immediately took them to the shelter and their main goal was to place them in foster care, where the mother would be able to take care of her babies more safely.

They managed to do it in a short time, after which the mother cat was obviously satisfied with all the facilities.

There they received excellent care and felt very calm. In just a few days, they gained a lot of weight and became very active.

The kittens wandered everywhere exploring their surroundings, while their mother cat watched them every minute.

Mommy really appreciates everything her foster family does for her and her kittens.

They will now stay there until they volunteers will find forever homes for them.

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