Meet the “Coffee with milk” couple: What the kids of this adorable couple look like now


You can’t argue that this unusual couple is a latte. They demonstrate with brightness and beauty that love transcends age, conventions, and prejudices.

Nevertheless, it is fascinating to observe how interracial marriages result in children. After all, there is no way to know how the baby will look.

Nikki and Jamie Perkins are a mixed-race couple. You might have looked at them with astonishment or surprise twenty years ago, but the fact that the spouses have different skin tones no longer bothers anyone.

Melbourne, Australia, is where the family resides. Five years ago, they tied the knot.

Nikki has her own YouTube channel, is a model, and has appeared in a number of photo shoots. She also has over a million people following her Instagram account.

Jamie is a photographer and videographer who also blogs on social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. Two daughters are raised by the couple.

Both girls were mulattoes from birth. Dark genes always take the lead.

For instance, the baby is more likely to have dark eyes if the mother has blue eyes and the father has brown eyes. Recessive traits include straight, blonde, red, or blue eyes.

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