Man who lost his 2 siberian huskies, found them during a photoshoot… The most heart-melting reunion ever


For the owner of the animal, it is the most terrible thing when he loses his beloved pet. When they start thinking that they will never see them again… it just destroys them.

There was a very dramatic incident recently that luckily ended well. It was in 2019,when MiamiDade Animal Services started a photoshoot in collaboration with Ocean-Drive magazine.

The models had to pose with stray animals looking for homes, thus promoting pet adoptions.

There were also 2 siberian huskies among the dogs, but when they started the photo shoot, suddenly a man ran there and interrupted the shooting.

“That’s my dogs, my dogs.” The stranger shouted. The man’s name was Sandy Hernandez, who explained to them that they were his two pet dogs that had suddenly disappeared a few days ago.

After searching for a long time and posting flyers, the man finally got a call from a man who said he had found his huskies.

He immediately rushed there and seeing his dogs, he got so excited that just ran up to them.

The Huskies were also very happy and excited to be reunited with their beloved daddy.

It was just an incredibly heartwarming reunion that luckily caught on camera. Everyone was so happy for them.

After that cruel ordeal, Sandy is not going to lose his pets again and plans to have them microchipped immediately so that something like this never happens again.

It’s simply the most incredible feeling in the world when people finally reunite with your beloved animals.

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