Mama Dog Is Found Chained Up To Fence While Nursing Six Newborn Puppies


It’s hard to believe how anyone can leave a dog so heartless.



We see many stories of how owners get rid of their pets by simply tying them up somewhere. at best, they end up in an animal shelter (where they could go first) in the worst case scenario, they just die.

But this story is especially heartbreaking in that it was not just one dog, but a whole family… a mother trying to take care of her children, even as she struggled for her life.

On November 5, a two-year-old girl, who was apparently abandoned by her owner, was found helpless at a helpless chain gate in Roscommon County, Ireland.

He had six newborn babies with him, all of which were fed by their mother.

A member of the public called the police և ISPCA, who took the poor animals for veterinary care.

ISPCA shared a heartbreaking story և photos on Facebook. People were indignant.

“This must be the saddest picture I have ever seen,” wrote one commenter. “[And] it says a lot with so much cruelty around us.”

“Look at the fear and vulnerability in the eyes of poor dogs,” wrote another. “Dear animal. I cry when I see this. ”

Fortunately, apart from the cold and hunger, the dogs did not have any health problems. They will continue to be monitored.

The ISPCA wrote that the mother dog was named Emmy Lou, and her cubs were named Billy Ray, Dixie, Dolly, Doty, June J. Patsy.

They also thanked the passerby, who intervened and probably saved the dogs’ lives.

“We are very grateful to the animal lover who discovered them, warned the Gardai and the ISPCA,” they wrote. “We can not help them without you, so please continue to report abuse, neglect or abuse.

ISPCA’s manager Hugh O’Toole said the dogs’ lives were definitely in danger and he could not believe anyone would do such a thing.

“Leaving a two-year-old dog without water, food or shelter will definitely endanger his young puppy life,” he said.

“I do not understand how anyone can think that it is normal to leave a dog tied to the gate to feed its cubs.”

“Because of the recent cold weather this week, the result could have been very different. I’m glad we were warned so we could help them.”

It’s great that the dogs are safe now, the only problem is that the sick person who left them is still there.

ISPCA encourages anyone with information to come forward and help bring this person to justice.

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