Mama Cow Refused to Leave Her Injured Baby’s Side


Life on the street can be difficult for an animal. You have to worry about finding food, water, a place to sleep, just like he does. Unfortunately, you have to worry about people who could not take care of you.

The cow cub in the video, which her rescuers called Bambi, was found motionless on the side of the road.

His hoof was hit by a car, but fortunately, a good Samaritan wrapped his injured leg to stop the bleeding, and then called the right people, Animal Aid Unlimited.

We are not unfamiliar with the amazing lengths that the people of this rescue organization are willing to go to the animals, so even though his mother did not realize it at first, this kitten was in good hands.

We can only imagine how hard Mother Cow’s day was. how helpless she must have felt when her child was hurt, the fear she felt when strange people came to take her child.

Luckily for him ( Bambi), rescuers helped alleviate his mother’s cow fears by bringing her back to the rescue center so that her baby would never get out of her sight. Cows are intelligent, emotional, social creatures and the bond between a mother and her baby is strong.

The good news is, the fantastic rescue team was able to help this little one make everyone better. Just look at how Bambi jumped for joy as he played, hugging his new friends, the man, and the cow.

Doesn’t its wonder make you stumble?

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