Lovable and caring pup keeps orphaned foal company and becomes his best friend


Wonderful doggie was looking after this fascinating foal since it was orphaned at 9-days-old.

Meet Tye a wonderous foal which mom passed away a few days after his birth. Nobody believed that he would make it but he did, as he is a fighterAnd Zip the dog of the farm was keeping him a company since the first day of his birth.

The amazing puppy has become more of an adoptive daddy to him since the couple is always with each other. They are either playing or resting together. They adore taking naps laying with each other.

Zip is a 5-year-old canine who never showed any interest in foals, before this 9 days old horse lost its mother. He was like feeling that somebody there needed his care and his help. He could understand the loneliness of the horse.

If Tye and Zip are not together Tye spends time with his sister learning the ways of the horses.

We all are sure that pups are best fellows of people beings but we also know very well that they can be great companions for their animal fellows.

No matter that Tye is now a grown up and independent horse their bond with Zip is inseparable.

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