Looking back again the woman noticed something strange and stopped the car to approach there


Claire Cummings noticeds a toy lying on the pavement while driving to her boyfriend’s house.

It seemed quite strange to her from a distance, then realizing that it was a toy, she wanted to continue driving.

Then she suddenly looked back again and this time she saw a dog frantically trying to retrieve his pig.

It was not clear how long the poor dog had to wait for someone to come and save his beloved toy.

Of course, Cummings could not remain indifferent. In addition, she also has a dog walking company with her boyfreind and has always adored animals.

Therefore, understanding all that, she immediately understood what he had to do.

She quickly approached the dog to help him and return his favorite toy. That moment was so touching.

When the dog got his toy back, he was so happy that he didn’t know how to express his excitement and gratitude.

He was so happy to get some attention and a hug.

His new friend soon got back into her car and drove away, and he was happily back inside with his toy.

Cummings was so happy that she was able to brighten a sweet dog’s day.

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