Little kido albino elephant who was trapped in snare for days is so cheerful to eventually be safe


Rescue stories will never end as the animals in need are really too much. A hopeless elepahnt was found in a snare for reportedly 4 days. The little miserable creature was found near the Krugar national park.

Sadly the trap left very deep and serious marks on the elephants face and ears but her saviors say that she will make a recovery.

The saviors named her Khanyisa, We wanted to say that she is not an ordinary elephant and her skin color is not grey like any others it’s pink.

The rescuers knew that they should reach out and help her. She was very beautiful and unique crature and her beauty was wounded with the hands of man.

The best thing is that they knew they should help the little one and give her a safe place. Despite all the difficulties that she faced Khanyisa proved to be a very bold and wonderful creature.

Through the pictures you can make sure how daring and beautiful elephant she is. She will make a beautiful life for sure.

The centre that saved this rare and bold animal is known as Hoedspruit Endangered Species Centre was created to be a cheetah breeding project but then developed into a wildlife conservation company.

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