Little Cat Surprises Everyone With His Strange Way Of Appreciating A Scratch On The Back


I’m sure we all enjoy a good backscratch from time to time.


Even the cows snorted, lined up next to trees or fences, with good scratches. The same goes for this beautiful blue cat, he thanks the man who scratches him with such a lovely egg.

The cat his white-legged friend are enjoying a pleasant afternoon on their balcony.


You can see how well their owners take care of them, as there are food water containers for the cats they are both on the slightly round side. Or maybe they’re furry.

Cat In this video, a man is bent over stroking a cat while someone is filming a meeting.

And the funniest thing that happens is when he scratches the cat’s back, he utters the most unusual gossip of appreciation.

The little one seems to have a sweet spot, it’s almost like pushing a button.


Every time a man rubs that particular spot, the cat repeats its adorable, weird little chatter. This entertains the man the videographer.

That cat is a grateful little man, I’m sure he does not want the man to stop. You can almost see the bliss on his furry little face, it must feel so good.


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