Little baby Addilyn, that was almost abused to death at 3 months, makes huge strides


When born in wrong family the consequences may really be very bad. The story of this baby may start a little bit grim, but it has a happy ending. Meet Addilyn a little baby but who is already a survivor.

She is now finally surrounded by the love she always deserved. Back in 2019 she was badly beaten by her parents Brooklyn Tidewell and Michael Fisher.

Fisher was senteced to 50 years in prison for attempted murder and aggravated child abuse.

Brooklyn received probation by entering the “best-interest” plea to child abuse, however she is not allowed to have any kind of contact with Addilyn.

The poor baby was less than 3 months old when the abuse happened and after that the family member Terra promised to never leave the baby’s side.

Trevor, Terra’s husband was also involved in saving the baby, and before becoming her parets they were her best uncle and aunt.

They both knew at the bottom of their heart that Addilyn would suffer from lifelong issues caused by the abused. Doctors even were afraid that she would not even be able to move on her own, but they were wrong.

The strong girl proved everybody wrong. She slowly but surely proved that she is able to move and showcase emotions. At this moment they hope that her eyesight would make a full recovery.

Addilyn is surrounded by such a huge amounts of love that she will make it through surely. She will win over everything and come out stronger and healthier.

Thanks to the people that saved her, mainly Terra and Trevor, that became her best parents and best friends.

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