Little abused and neglected pup is so relieved to be saved that he buries his head in savior’s lap


We will never accept the maltreatement towards the animals but it’s everywhere in this world. Our story hero Chowder was found in a garage behind an apartment building.

Living like that for a long time he got used to it, but he wanted something more. Becouse of a bunch of trash around and in the garage no one noticed Chowder for a long time.

One day a miracle happened that was meant to change his life forever. A kind hearted man noticed him. He fed him and called a rescue center.

The volunteers arrived and the pup’s face was enlightened. He hugged the little girl who took him out and burried his head in her arms as a sign of gratitude.

After they reached the shelter the pup got more excited and wanted to show how grateful he was.

The poor thing a serious eye injury and needed to go through some treatements.

After being fully recovered he will be waiting for an amazing and warm family. We hope that Chowder will find his forever home and family really soon and live the life he deserves.

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