Learn about the unreal love story of a lady and her senior cat ‘Potato’


When a woman brought a senior cat home, she was surprised to find that she had no interest in it. She says, “In my mind, I had an idea of getting a six-month-old to the two-year-old cat” in an interview.

When Millie’s owner brought her home, she was ten years old. She wanted to sit on her owner’s lap on the couch and not play with her toys.

The proprietor stated, “She is extremely talkative, and she has this raspy, old woman’s voice.” She has two dogs, Yogurt and Tiger, in addition to her new cat Millie.

As per her, the canines are both awesome with Millie. She claimed that four days after giving birth to Millie, she and the dogs had formed a family and were sleeping together.

Millie has experienced a number of health issues, including having five teeth extracted. Additionally, she has asthma and rib malformation. She is still, however, extremely lovable.

“She’s just kinda like a little potato,” says Millie’s owner. Clips of the gray cat bonding with the dogs and her owner appear throughout the interview.

A story about an older cat falling in love with its new owner out of the blue. The owner would never give up Millie, even if she wanted to get a younger cat.

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