Kindhearted guy adopts a kitten from a shelter, and the cat soon becomes his forever friend


You’ll be convinced that a cat and a person can fall in love right away by reading this story! A cat was cared for and provided shelter by Lucas, a man.

The cat showed its appreciation. He now feels like he is saying goodbye to his savior every time he hugs him.
He and his sister were removed from the shelter by us.

Their age was three months. As I searched for milk, this red pretzel began to approach me nearly every minute.

Melon has been with his human father ever since they first met.

He keeps stepping on me, gets stronger against me, and tries to fit in. I would not trade it for anything else. Melon is happiest when he is hugging Lucas, his beloved.

Melon is immediately enveloped by Lucas when he returns home. They are interdependent! Lucas enjoys being stroked by his favorite cat in the mornings.

Melon wraps himself in his arms each time as if it were the last time. Lucas is such a good guy. Aren’t you of the opinion that they ought to be together?

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