Kind woman finds €500 in a meal bag: she decides to give it back


Even though “money does not buy happiness,” it can certainly make life easier for many people—so much so that it can “tempt” even the most honest people when they see a large sum of money.

Although “money does not buy happiness,” by chance. It is something that a Georgian woman from the United States knows a little about.

The authorities commended her for returning more than 500 euros that were discovered in the bag of her sandwich, which she had purchased for her lunch break a few hours earlier at the KFC fast food restaurant near her workplace.

The money was sufficient to pay some bills and her husband’s medical bills. The woman also said that her family has to pay a lot of money for medical care, about 2 million euros.

She admitted that she had considered keeping that sum to herself “for a second.” Nevertheless, she ultimately made the right choice and called the police.

In a Facebook post, the City of Jackson Police Department thanked the woman for her kindness. Integrity and character are demonstrated by acting morally even when no one is looking!

They wrote. ” Joann Oliver is admired by the Jackson Police Department for her sincerity and generosity. Jackson police were called to the lady’s work environment a couple of days prior.

“She had gone to a KFC restaurant on her lunch break and returned to work to eat her meal,” the officers stated.

When she opened the bag, she was surprised to find 500 euros in cash underneath the sandwich. The café’s day-to-day store was coincidentally positioned in its KFC pocket, as per the examination.

Joann not only did the right thing, but she also saved the manager’s job. Madam, I’d like to thank you for bringing to our attention that Jackson is home to a number of outstanding residents, like you!

They had finished. absolute sincerity If you had been the woman, what would you have done? Tell us in the comments!

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