It was such an incredible moment, as you won’t see that many killer whales every day


You definitely shouldn’t miss this incredible moment that happened off the coast of Norway.

The point is that hundreds of killer whales were gathered there. A very large group, which turned out to be more than 300, happened to be spotted by the ship. Naturally, first of all, witnessing such a scene raised some questions.

Considering that these huge predators usually appear in small groups, this certainly seemed very strange.

At first glance, when people saw them, everyone thought that maybe they were members of the same family.

But when their number started increasing, they realized that they should give up that idea. These killer whales also gather in large numbers when the mating season begins, but such large numbers have not been seen before.

In the end, this mystery finally became clear to them and the reason was the large number of sea birds, who shed light on the unusual behavior of the whales.

The thing is, there was a fishing fleet nearby, so all these hungry whales were swimming there for one purpose, to be fed.

In addition, that waters are very accessible for whales’ favorite food, herring, and when the fishing season begins, they start gathering here in very large groups.

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