It was so touching, when the mother gorilla decided to show off her baby to the crowd hugging and kissing him warmly


An incredible scene in the zoo shocked the whole world. The mother gorilla approached the crowd and introduced her baby.

It was such a sweet moment when she held her baby close to her and kissed her. It felt like a true Simba moment.

People were truly amazed, in awe of the love a mother had for her baby, setting an example even for humans.

Of course, it spread all over the Internet at once, but in the comments, people touched on one more important issue, and that was the captivity of these animals.

Animal lovers are against keeping wild animals in captivity.

Of course, it also happens that it is done based on certain situations, for example, for the protection of endangered animals.

The birth of the gorilla was also a very happy occasion for the whole world, because it is considered a highly endangered species.

With the birth of this baby, we are one step closer to saving the gorillas. Many people were so touched that these animals are kept in zoos.

While many said they should be released into the wild, another users mentiones that zoos are a safer environment for endangered wild animals.

They are often harmed by poachers, who use them for their own benefit. Zoos, in turn, have special programs and fight against extinction.

Sometimes these animals have to give up their free life in order to survive.

We hope that one day they will recover their population and have the opportunity to be released back into the wild.

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