It was obvious that the blind elephant really enjoyed the music… Watch the video here!!


I will never stop admiring this wonderful creatures.

While it seems to many people that they cannot feel and have emotions like humans, every time such stories show the opposite.

Every animal created by nature is unique and so mysterious that they never cease to amaz e us with their unusual actions.

This time, an elephant has come to melt your hearts, who seems to like music very much.

It was just a great opportunity for the elephants of this center when a man named Paul Borton came up with a great idea.

He decided to take his piano to an elephant rescue center, which was really appreciated by the elephants .

They were clearly enjoying the beautiful tune immensely. They would approach the piano and touch it with their trunks .

However, one of them liked it the most and started paying special attention to that instrument.

It is about an elephant who was blind and liked it so much.

The elephant enjoyed the music so much that it even seemed to start dancing to it when the man started playing again.

He felt every note differently.  The piano music seemed to penetrate his soul and transform into his eyes. So adorable!! Here is the video.

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